Wingsuit is an item that allows the player to fly, when his scarf is full. When this happens, a button appears on the left side of the screen.

Tutorial Edit

Wingsuit have a tutorial how-to-use, that is shown after-purchased. It can be replayed as follows:

Menu > Settings > Replay Tutorials > Wingsuit

In-game description Edit

"Charge your scarf with trick combos to activate it, then take to the skies! " Izel's Workshop

Wingsuit Timer Edit

This increases the duration of Wingsuit. Can be purchased at Izel's Workshop.

In-game description Edit

"Increase the duration of the Wingsuit Timer to fly even greater distances! " Izel's Workshop

Prices Edit

There are 5 levels of upgrade.

First upgrade 1,000 coins
Second upgrade 2,500 coins
Third upgrade ...
Fourth upgrade 10000 coins
Fifth upgrade 15000 coins
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