Coin Magnets are items captured along the run that pull the coins around the player for him.

While active, a bar appears at the top of the screen. If a magnet flower is captured at this time, both items are shown in the bar.

Obtaining Edit

Coin magnets spawn throughout the run, but you can get them by breaking pots.

Magnet Timer Edit

Magnet Timer is an item that can be purchased at Izel's Workshop and is used to upgrade the Coin Magnet.

In-game description Edit

"Increase the duration of the Coin Magnet to pick up even more coins " Izel's Workshop

Prices Edit

There are 5 levels of upgrade.

First upgrade 250 coins
Second upgrade 500 coins
Third upgrade 1000 coins
Fourth upgrade 2500 coins
Fifth upgrade 5000 coins
Sixth upgrade ...

Gallery Edit

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